What Was The Minimum Age Requirement For Someone Born In 1929 To Be Eligible For Widow's Benefits?

Jul 14 2017 - 6:24am

Larry: My mother was born in 1929. What was the minimum age requirement for her to draw Social Security benefits as a widow? What was the minimum age if she would not have been a widow?
Lastly what was the full retirement age for people born before 1930?

Thank you,


Hi Sandra,

The minimum age requirement for widow's benefits for someone born in 1929 was the same as it is now, that is age 60 for benefits based on age and age 50 if the widow qualifies as a disabled widow. And, the minimum age for retirement benefits was 62 for people your mother's age, just as it is now.

Full retirement age for anyone born prior to 1937 was age 65.

Best, Jerry