What Should I Expect To Happen Next Year?

Apr 3 2018 - 9:42am

Oct 2001 my still working 48 yr old (4/15/52) husband of 28 years (1/19/73) was killed. Jan 2011 I became disabled and started drawing my SSDI. A few months later I reapplied and also started drawing on my husband. I don't know the name or the % of that payment. July of 2019 I will reach full retirement age. My husband would have April 2018. His full retirement would be more than mine. No children and I have not remarried. What should I expect to happen next year? Thank you


I'm sorry for your loss.

Since you started drawing Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) before you started receiving widow's benefits, the reduction in your widow's rate for starting to draw those benefits early should be removed after you reach FRA. Social Security should do this automatically without you having to do anything further. I can't tell you how much that will increase your total benefits, but it should help some.

Best, Jerry