What Should I Do?

Jul 1 2018 - 7:17am

Please help. This is absolutely the worst as bad if not close to Social Security going after that young boy for overpayment. July will make a year since I filed for disability I got denied not enough work credits found out by calling never received a letter informing me of the decision. With in the time limit I filed for SSI. Waited five more months only to go into my local office to be completely and utterly stuperfied that I would only be receiving $675. By the way I live in my car. I was told the reason why I am receiving it is because back in 05 -07 when I filed for SSI and awarded it Social Security deemed me unable to care for myself and unable to make any decisions. So they made my husband my rep payee. At that point in my life right after being in my house for Hurricane Katrina and other situations that had happened in my life. I could not care for myself had to be told when to bathe and so on when my now ex husband had to go to work I could not be left alone. Back to now the reason for the $675 is because they say that I was overpayed. Never provided any more information. Now remember that I live in my car I filed the waiver and waited 2 months was told that while waiting for a response to the waiver that the $75 would stop being taken out of my check until a decision was made. It never happened. I am going to repeat that I live in my car and this is why I got a decision on my waiver. It was my responsibility to report my husband's work keep in mind I hardly knew who I was. And 2nd that my paying the overpayment back is not affecting me paying my bills for clothing or food or home. Hmmm it says all over my social security application that I live in my car but they have the nerve to argue with me. I'm so ready to just stay my car and dealing with the $675. What should I do not sure how much fight I have left in me


I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances. It doesn't sound like there's anything you can do beyond filing for a waiver (i.e. forgiveness) of the overpayment, which you've apparently already done. If Social Security is still withholding part of your check while a decision on your waiver request is pending, about the only thing you can do is re-contact them and complain. If there are any free legal service agencies in your area, such as Legal Aid, perhaps they might be able to help you.

Best, Jerry