Social Security Overpayments

Is There A Legal Way To Protect My Savings Accout From The Social Security Administration?

Is there a legal way to protect my savings account when SSA sees that I could pay an overpayment? However, if I do have to give them that money, I will be nearly bankrupt and have to sell my home with no place to go. I do not have enough money to live even in poverty if that money is gone.


I'm sorry, but I'm not a lawyer so I'm unable to answer your question. My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits only.

Can Social Security Seize My Liquid Assets If They Say That They Overpaid Me?

Can Social Security seize my liquid assets in my bank when they say that they have overpaid me? Who in my geographic area (western colorado) has your professional license and would advise me?


No, Social Security can't seize funds that you have in a bank account, but they can reclaim benefit payments that were directly deposited if it turns out that the payments weren't due.

Why Would My Friend Have To Repay The Money That Her Parents Received?

my friend was adopted when she was 7 years old...apparently her parents received money for her from social security that she knew nothing about until she applied for her own benefit at age 62 and they told her she would have to repay the money....this seems wrong on so many levels...I have never heard of such a scam....why in the world would she have to repay money they received? thank you.?


Shouldn't I Be Allowed To File An Appeal?

Took early retirement/SSI while still self employed. An unexpected IRS Whistleblower Award arrived in my 65th year. That same year,I happened to earn income. Taxes were taken from Whistleblower award. Social Security would not allow me to appeal their demand for overpayment even though I attempted to tell them that award was not income which my taxes alone showed net income over the SSI income. That even with my deductions on Schedule C allowed me expenses against my income, I did not exceed the allowable income limit.

How Can A Sibling's Marriage Mess Up Another Sibling's Benefits?

My brother ended up got married 5 years ago. We are both disabled and were getting his retirement benefits from my father's record. He was always receiving SSI while I have always received SSDI. My brother got married February 2014 and his benefits stopped. My benefits continued as they have been, but my brother always received more of a benefit than I did I am guessing because he received SSI. Social Security now claims that they reduced the monthly benefit starting the month he was married and now they want me to pay back thousands of dollars.

What Can I Do To Keep My Reasonable Repayment Plan?

I will try to be brief in my explination. I received SS disability benefits for several years and eventually SS determined I could return to work. My doctor and I disagreed and I opted to be paid while appealing this decision. The decision stood and I returned to work. That year of benefits was determined to be an over payment and I enrolled in a payment plan I could not really afford so I appealed for waiver of over payment collection.