Social Security Overpayments

How Do I Handle This Situation?

I applied for divorced spouse benefits in early 2015 when I was 68 after receiving notification that I could be entitled to this benefit. I told Social Security I did not want this benefit if it affected my account in any way. I was subsequently approved for this benefit and received a lump sum payment in late 2015. I submitted a request to end this benefit and start receiving retirement benefits from my own account effective June 2016 when I was 69. During the time I was receiving divorced spouse benefits Social Security suspended my retirement account.

Why Is This Father Liable For Repaying Benefits His Ex-Wife Fraudulently Collected?

Long story short. The mother committed fraud and received the benefits for years. Lost custody of the children. Father gets custody gets hurt on job applies for benefits finds out the mom has been getting SSDI for the daughter. They are divorced have been for years. Now they are coming after him for the money 20k. He just got custody of the children. Why is he responsible.


Why Is Social Security Making Me Pay So Much Back Each Month?

I turned 66 feb 3, 2020. I am drawing half of my husbands social security. My question is 1994 I was drawing s.s.disability from back surgery and injury. I later was able to work some part time. I went to get work release each time. I went back to work full time 6 yrs ago. When I went in feb. to start drawing they said they over paid me in disability,ty benefits $21,000.00 so I had to pay back over half of my monthly check and repay. I will only get $300 each month for 3 yrs until -aid. Instead of $1028 a month.

What Can I Do If My Tax Return Was Garnished Even Though My Overpayment Was Waived?

Hello since I was 18 I’ve been getting letters of overpayment from child support I kept ignoring because I know I’ve never received last year I finally went into local office filed waiver explaining to them this happened when I was a child and I’m not accountable my waiver was GRANTED a year later my tax refund has been garnished by social security what do I do now?


Is There A Legal Way To Protect My Savings Accout From The Social Security Administration?

Is there a legal way to protect my savings account when SSA sees that I could pay an overpayment? However, if I do have to give them that money, I will be nearly bankrupt and have to sell my home with no place to go. I do not have enough money to live even in poverty if that money is gone.


I'm sorry, but I'm not a lawyer so I'm unable to answer your question. My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits only.