Social Security Overpayments

What Should I Do Next?

Hi Larry,

I have a question about Social Security overpayments. I'm 64 yrs. old and have been receiving Social Security Retirement benefits since the beginning of 2016. In August of that same year, I received a lump-sum settlement from an ex-employer. This was the result of a wrongful termination grievance filed by my Union. I was terminated in September of 2015. The monies were reported to the IRS by my ex-employer as wages. I received a W-2 for same.

Are We Liable For Social Security's Mistake?

Hi, my brother passed away July 5,2017. We were told by the funeral home they would contact SS. No family member had access to his checking account, he had no savings. We never had any knowledge of his banking since he was a very private person. He had monthly bills that were automatically deducted from his account. It appears that SS was never notified and since we were not aware of who his creditors were to notify them they kept drawing on his account. Now SS is claiming that 2 months is owed back to them.

How Do I Get Answers?

My question is when overly paid how can you get benefits back or how to do get answers on how to I owe all this money if they overly paid me please help


Social Security overpayments can occur for any number of reasons, so I have no idea what might be involved in your case. If you were overpaid, you should have received a letter explaining the overpayment, although the letters that Social Security sends usually leave much to be desired.

If Social Security Overpays Me Due To Their Error, Am I Responsible For Paying It Back?

Hi Larry, If Social Security pays overpays due to their error am I responsible for paying it back? Even though they provided a letter stating that monies were owed to me. Also that was over 2 years ago. Is their a statute of limitation which required monies to be paid back?



How Can I Get My Son's Benefits Reinstated?

I applied for early retirement in 2015, and first check came in October 2015. In November 2015, I began to work full time again and notified the social security office by phone. The person told me that I did not need to be concerned about benefits for the first year and that it could increase my benefit to keep working full time. At no time did they say I would be penalized. In 2016, I began to work again as a massage therapist and within this field the income can vary from day to day, week to week, and month to month.

How Can We Prove Whether Or Not My Husband Was Overpaid?

In 1989, my husband's father was terminally ill. they requested survivor benefits for my husband for he was 14YO. It was granted, but then, it was rescinded after his father passed and his parents were divorced. His mom was told that the payments to the son had to be returned and she did nothing. We are now close to turning 45 and wondering if any of the payments that are supposedly owed back to the SSA will deduce his future earnings when we retire.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

I was fully at my full retirement age in April 2013. In Oct 2013 I received a letter stating I owed amounts that did
not match what I calculated. I was told by representative at that time that I owed $1332. At this point we set up
a payback plan of $50 per month until paid in full. That would mean 26 or 27 months later I would be completed
with my payback. I should be paid of in Jan of 2016. It is now Jan 2017 and I am still paying back. They are actually