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What Happens When I Turn Age 65?

I am receiving widow's benefits $1400 @ month I am turning 65 next year (2018) what happens then , will I lose the widow benefits or can I wait to 66 to claim social security benefits. I am scare since this is my only source of income and I don't want to make any mistakes because is confusing... Thank you!!!


Assuming you are receiving Social Security widow's benefits, nothing will change when you turn age 65 other than you will become eligible for Medicare coverage. You can continue drawing your widow's benefits for as long as you live. There is nothing that requires you to ever file for benefits on your own record, however, it would likely be advantageous for you to do so at age 70 if the benefit amount payable on your own record would be higher than your widow's rate.

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Best, Jerry

Aug 27 2017 - 8:31am
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