What Do My Wife And I Need To Do When We Turn 70?

Apr 1 2017 - 6:30am

My wife & I are almost the same age - now 69. In February of 2018 we both turn 70. In 2014, my wife did a File & Suspend procedure and then I filed for a restricted spousal benefit. Thank you for your software which alerted us to this strategy. So later this year, when I file for benefits in my own name and my wife unsuspends her benefits to begin in February 2018, can we do this process online, or must we go in person to the Social Security Office? Are there any gotchas or pitfalls we should look out for?


Your wife's benefits should automatically start up when she reaches age 70, so she shouldn't need to do anything. You will need to file an application for your retirement benefits shortly before you turn 70. A month or 2 before should be fine. Social Security currently doesn't allow online application from people who are currently receiving benefits, so you'll likely have to file by phone or in person. There are no particular pitfalls involved. Just be sure to specify that you want to start your retirement benefits effective with the month you reach age 70, and not before.

Best, Jerry