What is the Best Time to Take Widow's Benefits?

Jun 30 2016 - 11:45am

Hi I have two questions. 1) Where do I find the expert software to run scenarios you reference in your column? 2) I lost my husband at 55. I was told by social security that I could start collecting his benefit (widows benefit) at age 60. He was the top wage earner and I'll never have a benefit as high as his. I am still working and plan to at least until I'm 66 1/2. I am wondering the best time for me to apply for his benefit and if I just lose out on the years I contributed to the system since my own benefit will be much lower than his. Thank you.

Our software, MaximizeMySocialSecurity is at: https://maximizemysocialsecurity.com/purchase.
Yes, you can start collecting your widow's benefit at age 60, however it will be both reduced and subject to the Earnings Test if you take it before your full retirement age.
MaximizeMySocialSecurity will determine the best time for you to apply for benefits.