Were Social Security Taxes Withheld From My Military Pay?

Apr 18 2017 - 7:07am

Hi; I am retired civilian from the Federal government. I am trying to obtain my 40 quarters for SS. I have 35 quarters according the SSA.GOV ,My SS Benefits. I was in the Nave reserve for 1 year and then served 20 months active duty from Feb 15,1968 to Oct 31, 1969. I don't recall if SS was deducted or if I have to repay it. in 1968 I earned $1409 and in 169 I earned $2284


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Hi Barry,

Active duty pay from the US military is subject to Social Security taxes, so your active duty military pay should appear on your Social Security earnings record. You also receive deemed military wages (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.09/handbook-0953.html) for your periods of active duty, and these extra amounts would automatically be credited for years after 1967.

So, it sounds like the only thing that might be missing from your earnings record at this point would be deemed military wages for any periods in which you had active duty prior to 1968. If you didn't have any active duty prior to 1968, your Social Security earnings record should be complete as is. But, if you did have any active duty before 1968, Social Security will add those credits when you apply for benefits. You should submit proof of your active duty prior to 1968, if any, at that time.

Best, Jerry