Is There Specific Wording That My Wife Should Use To Restrict Her Application?

Mar 3 2018 - 9:41am

I plan to file May 2018 at 66 and my wife when she turn 66 May 2019.

When my wife files, is there a specific language or wording that she should use to specify her desire to file a restricted application?

Thank you in advance for your response


If your wife files online, there is a question on her application that says: "If you are eligible for both a retirement benefit and a spouse's benefit, do you want to delay receipt of retirement benefit?" Your wife would answer that question 'yes' in order to restrict her application to spousal benefits only.

If your wife files by phone or in person at a Social Security office she should tell the representative taking her claim what she wants to do, and then she should check her copy of the application to be sure that it contains a restrictive statement such as: "I wish to exclude retirement benefits from the scope of this application." (

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Best, Jerry