Is There Some Type Of Life Insurance Paid To Widow(er)s?

Jan 24 2017 - 6:00am

Someone informed me that upon the death of a spouse, SS has an actual lump sum life insurance benefit paid to widowers. The only information I have found in regards to this, is a lump sum death benefit of $250. Is there another lump sum death benefit that is available? I'm aware of the survival benefits but this individual was speaking about a one time payment and much larger lump sum then $250, are they mistaken? Thank you for your response...


It sounds like you were misinformed. The $255 lump sum death benefit ( is the only type of lump sum payment made Social Security. Social Security sometimes pays retroactive benefits to beneficiaries in a lump sum, but that represents an accumulation of monthly benefits that weren't paid timely for some reason.

Best, Jerry