Is There A Social Security Related Reason For My Ex-Spouse Getting An Annulment?

Aug 6 2017 - 8:31am

I was married to my husband for 28 years, we were married in the Catholic Church and have 3 children and divorced in 2011, My ex remarried in 2011 and I remarried in 2015. Today I received annulment papers from my ex. Is there some financial benefit with regard to Social Security that would be the catalyst for my ex's behavior?

Hi Ellie,

I don't know what your ex's intent was, but the annulment wouldn't hinder your options with regard to divorced spousal benefits as long as the two of you were legally married (i.e. wasn't void due to an existing marriage, etc.). You can't get divorced spousal benefits while you're remarried, though, at least while your ex is living. If he dies before you, you could potentially qualify for surviving divorced spousal benefits if your remarriage occurred after you reached age 60, or if your remarriage ends in death or divorce.

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Best, Jerry