Is There Anywhere I Can Make A Complaint Of Concern?

Jan 23 2018 - 9:14am

I recently applied for Social Security, I turn 62 or more to 25th, I was told that my first check will be for the month of April however my first payment would be in May. I was told that my payment will be a month behind, meaning in my opinion I will never see that payment due to the fact it will be paid after death. What I'm not understanding if my dad died in June 18, last year therefore he receives his may check in June, what happened to his June check which he was alive that month ? What do the Social Security department do with peoples math what do the Social Security department do with that check. Is there anywhere I can make a complaint of concern.? Thank you


I'm not clear on your first sentence, but unless you were born on the 1st or 2nd of the month, if you reach age 62 in March then your earliest possible month of eligibility for Social Security retirement benefits would be April. You must be 62 for an entire month in order to qualify ( Social Security payments are normally paid in the month after the month for which they're due, so it sounds correct that your first payment would be scheduled for May.

Regarding payments for the month of death, a person must live throughout the entire month in order to be due a payment for that month. If a beneficiary dies on April 30th, for example, they would not be due the payment that would normally be paid for April in May, and such payments if made would need to be returned to the Social Security trust fund.

Both of the above provisions are in the Social Security laws passed by Congress, so your congressional representatives would be the proper place to register complaints.

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Best, Jerry