Is There Anything I Can Do?

Aug 31 2017 - 5:18pm

I am 62yrs old i am permataly disabled i have been on disability since 1997 i recieve 1702.00
Disability, and i get 180.00 as of last yr for my pension, total of 1882.00 dont get me wrong, i am greatful, however i live with ny neice and her family, i pay the electric, 150.00 amonth budget, i pay gas bill 182.00 amonth on a budget, i pay 400.00 amonth towards the rent the total rent is 900.00 a month, plus i have hospital bills, my medicines, i am in and out of the hospital jyst about every month, to every other month because of my health condition, i have bad swelling, poor circulation, leg ulcers discolor in both of my legs swell up from fluid retention it breaks open to bad ulcers that when i go tobthe hospital in an emergency, i end up staying for a week at a time, anyway 3 times i applied fir snap, did everything they told me to do and the final results is i make to much money, the problem is with whatever little money i have left i got to help with food how could i get help of me buying my own food when i dont have any money left


I'm sorry to hear about all of the problems that you're having, and I wish I had some helpful advice to offer you but I don't. Social Security is my only area of expertise, and it sounds like you are likely already getting all of the Social Security benefits for which you are eligible. However, if you are widowed or if you were divorced from someone who has died and to whom you were married for at least 10 years, then you might be eligible for a higher benefit rate on their record. In that case you would want to check with Social Security to see if you could be eligible for survivor benefits.

Best, Jerry