Is There Any Way To Get A One-Time Lump Sum Payment?

Mar 16 2017 - 6:45am

At the age of 42 I became permanently disabled and started receiving SSDI. I am now 68 and receive SS.
My husband was diagnosed with dementia and was placed on SSDI. He is now 70. He is in late stages of his disease.
Is there anyway or are we eligible to get a one time lump sum payment? I will not be able to live off his income alone when he passes if I don't pay off some of our bills.
Thanks so much.

Hi Charlene,

I'm sorry, but no. There is a one-time $255 lump sum death benefit that is normally paid to the surviving spouse when someone dies, but I'm sure that's not what you're referring to. Otherwise, Social Security only pays monthly benefits to eligible beneficiaries.

Social Security is not an individual retirement account that can be 'cashed in'. It sounds like you are likely receiving all of the benefits to which you are currently eligible. If your husband dies before you, you will become eligible for the higher of his benefit rate or your own, but not both.

Best, Jerry