Is Taking A Trip To My Local Social Security Office The Only Way To File For My Retirement Benefits?

Sep 11 2019 - 9:37am

This is a procedure/systems question rather than a benefit question. I am currently collecting spousal benefits but I want to file for retirement on my record. I am signed up for on line access with Social Security ( I think it is called Mysocialsecurity) which shows medicare and my spousal benefit. The social security website strongly suggests filing applications on line but the system is not giving me that option. Is taking a trip to my local social security office my only choice?

As to why now? At 68, I prefer to live off the government’s dime rather than our retirement savings. Plus the budget and social security deficits put a lot of pressure on congress and the white house to start tightening up benefits, regardless of party. I think people already receiving benefits will be in a stronger position than people waiting for their check to get 8% bigger every year while they wait. Just a personal opinion.


You can't apply for retirement benefits online if you're already drawing spousal benefits. You can apply either by phone or in-person at a Social Security office, and you can make an appointment by calling 1-800-772-1213.

Best, Jerry