Social Security Underpayments

How Much Time Does A Legally Entitled Heir Have To Request A Refund For A Deceased Family Member's Final Check?

How far back does a legally entitled heir have to request a refund if their family member’s final check issued for the month of their death?


There's no set time limit for claiming a Social Security underpayment that was due to a deceased person. However, no Social Security payment is due for the month of a person's death.

Was It Correct For Social Security To Deduct My Deceased Father's Entire Last Payment From His Bank Account?

My father passed away on July 13, 2019, he was 88 years old. He has been receiving SSS pension since 2009. His bank account reflected the remittance for $525 on July 3, 2019 but SSS deducted the entirel amount after knowledge of his passing away.

May I know if this is correct since this remittance was for June 2019. And also he has about $200 balance from his bank but since the account was diactivated/ATM, I am not able to withdraw any amount from his bank account. Is this correct? Should I file a claim with SSS and complete a form?