Social Security Numbers

Will Social Security Send Me A New Card If I Only Submit A Birth Certificate?

I sent for a copy of my social security card with my name at birth as Philadelphia Driver Bureau want transfer my drivers license with social security card with my married last name. I sent a copy of my birth certificate but forgot to send copy of drivers license with social security form. Will they send new card with one piece of ID, the birth certificate, I sent?


How Can My Granddaughter Get A Hard Copy Of Her Social Security Card?

My granddaughter recently moved to NC from N.H. she is attempting to get a hard copy of her SS card from N.H. but it is one of a few states that doesn’t provide this service online. She is telling me all SS offices in N.H. remain closed because of Covid. What advice can you give her? She would appreciate your expertise. Thanks Larry !!


How Do I Get A Social Security Card For My Adopted Granddaughter?

My granddaughter was ssued a social security card while n roster care I adopted her and never got a card for her. What do I do to get her one


You'll need to contact Social Security and apply for a replacement card. Step by step instructions can be found on the following Social Security website:

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Can You Apply For A New Social Security Number If Your Identity Has Been Compromised?

If your identity has been compromised can you apply for a new social security number; and if so, how do you go about getting a new number?


Social Security will only issue a different Social Security number (SSN) to someone under rare and specific circumstances. Identity theft is one of those circumstances, but you'll still need to convince Social Security that you'll disadvantaged in some way if you aren't issued a new SSN.

If I Get A New Social Security Number, Can The Welfare Office Still Find Me?

If I get a brand new SSN, can welfare still find me under my new number even though is not provided to them?

Can you please answer me quickly, as I'm going to start a new job on Tuesday and I don't want them to run my SSN.

I'm been harrassed but I'm still unable to find proof and I m working with a private detective