Disability Benefits

What Is The Best Filing Strategy For My Brother And His Wife?

I was very grateful to have heard of your book in a Paul Solman Newshour piece and bought it in 2014 (regrettably, I was unaware of the changes made to the filing rules in 2015) in order to help me make the best decision possible for my brother, brain injured at birth and mentally disabled, and his mentally disabled wife. They met at work and both retired early (against their families' advice) and so have a meager pension - a total of $500 monthly between them - and it's been a struggle to help them financially.

Am I Entitled To More Benefits?

I was receiving 1400 a month when I was approved for ssi and ssd. After the second month they said my disability kicked in now I receive 684 for disability and 72 dollars for ssi. I was told this is the most ssi pays for and I couldn't appeal? There are people I know that still receives the same benefits like I was receiving in the beginning. I just turned 62 and I was working I stopped working to too both disabilities when I was 60 going on 61. Am I entitled to more benefits?


Would I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits?

I am a financial planner, had an infection in my spine in 2008. Left me disabled, I qualify for two of my own separate disability policies, including not being able to perform two of my daily activities. I have substantial pain, I have a pain pump implanted in me, and take tremendous amount of pain control medicine. My spine was fused, still have substantial issues with both the spine and sciatic nerve, plus additional complications.

Will I Receive Retroactive Payments If My Claim Is Approved?

i am 58 years old and I filed for Social Security disability but have not been approved yet. if I reach 62 years old; Will I get retroactive payments for the years that I've been waiting on Social Security disability?


Yes, if your disability claim is eventually approved, you'll receive all back pay to which you're entitled.

Best, Jerry