Is a Spousal Benefit Possible if We're Both Still Working?

Jul 1 2016 - 5:30pm

I was born June 8, 1947. I applied for Social Security benefits and deferred before April 29. My husband's birthday is September 20, 1950. Both of us are still working. Can he claim spousal benefits even though both of us are still working? Thanks, Karen

Karen, since you suspended before the April deadline, your husband can collect a spousal benefit on your record while your retirement benefit is suspended. And since he was born before January 1 1954, he can file just for his spousal benefit at his FRA in 9/2016. The Earnings Test is not applied after FRA so neither of your continued incomes will reduce his spousal benefit. If you'd like to confirm that this is your maximized strategy, our software can do so. Thanks, John