Should My Husband Start Drawing His Benefits At Age 62?

Mar 2 2017 - 7:15am

Hi Larry,

My husband will turn 62 this year and does not currently have a FT job. I am 46 and work FT. Should my husband collect SS benefits now or wait until full retirement? I still have many years before I am eligible for my own SS benefits. Also, how will this affect my eligibility for spousal benefits? Thank you.


Deciding when to start drawing benefits is a personal decision, but if your husband starts drawing his benefits at age 62 he'll receive a reduced rate of about 74-75% of his full retirement age rate. And, most of that reduction would carry over to the rate that you could receive in the future as a widow on his record. His decision on when to apply would not affect your future options for spousal benefits, however, nor the rate that you could potentially receive as a spouse.

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Best, Jerry