Should I Work And Lose Benefits?

Sep 13 2017 - 8:07am

I am on disability, and will be turning 62 in january 2018. I was married first to a man 6 months younger than me but we were married 23 years and then divorced. He has since remarried twice and is currently still married. I have since been married 3 more times and an currently divorced. I am able to receive medicaid and food stamps and do have an option to work a part time job and not lose my disability check, but I will lose my medicaid. Should I work and lose benefits or keep my medicaid, and what happens when I turn 62 or 66, does disability change into retirement? Will I be allowed additional social security from my former spouse?


I can't advise you whether or not to work, nor do I know what effect that might have on your Medicaid eligibility. Social Security is my only area of expertise. Generally, you can earn up to $1,170 per month without losing Social Security disability benefits (

Your disability benefits won't change because you reach age 62, but they will convert to regular retirement benefits at the same rate when you reach full retirement age (FRA). It's possible that you could become eligible for additional divorced spousal benefits at age 62, but only if your ex is also at least age 62 or drawing disability benefits, and if 50% of his full retirement age benefit rate (PIA) exceeds your disability benefit rate. If you do qualify for divorced spousal benefits, they will be reduced for age if you start drawing them prior to FRA.

Best, Jerry