Should I Wait Until Age 60 To Claim Disability Benefits?

Dec 5 2018 - 9:58am

i am 54 going to be 55 did not work in 2018 they said i was denied because i made to much money so they told me i can claim it when im 60 i have file for disaiabty and they said to wait until im 60 and i can receive full benefits


Turning age 60 wouldn't make any difference with regard to qualifying for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) based on your own work record. You can draw your full benefit rate regardless of at what age you become entitled to SSDI benefits. If you were denied SSDI benefits in the past because you were still working and earning too much, you should probably reapply now if your work has since stopped.

However, if you're a widow and you were filing for disabled widow's benefits (DWB), turning age 60 would allow you to potentially claim regular reduced widow's benefits without meeting the disability requirement. But, DWB benefits can start as early as age 50 if the widow is disabled, and the benefit rate for DWB is the same as it is for regular reduced widow's benefits when started at age 60. So, if you could qualify for DWB benefits there would likely be no reason to wait until age 60 to apply.

I don't have enough information to be able to advise you, but if you are disabled and not working you should probably contact Social Security as soon as possible to see about filing for any benefits for which you may qualify.

Best, Jerry