Should I Wait Past Age 70 To Apply On My Own Record?

Mar 6 2017 - 8:15am

I sent you an email last night regarding my SS benefit and if I filed too early 3/3/17 I turned 70 on 2/26/17. When I ran my figures through your program I bought, it came back stating my benefit would be $300 more if I waited to collect until next year 2018 when I am 71. Can you explain why? I collected 1/2 my husbands benefit from 67 years old to now. Mine is more now but I still work and can wait another year if I will really get another $300/month? Can you explain????


If your own retirement benefit rate is higher than your divorced spousal benefit rate, you should file for your retirement benefits effective with the month in which you reach age 70 (i.e. February 2017). Your benefit rate would not be higher if you waited until age 71 to apply.

I don't have access to your data from the maximization software program on this website. All questions regarding use of the software and your results should be submitted via the online contact form on the help page.

That said, I'm sure that you must be misinterpreting the results you received. Since you are still working, your benefit rate will be higher next year if you earn enough in 2017 to cause your benefit rate to be recalculated ( You would receive that increase in your benefit rate whether you file now or not. You will not accrue delayed retirement credits after age 70, so there is no reason for you to wait past age 70 to file for your retirement benefits.

Best, Jerry