Should I Take My Widow's Benefit Early?

Jul 12 2016 - 8:30pm

I am 64 and began takin a early retirement benefit from SS of $611. Per month just to cover a car payment. My husband planed on taking his retirement at 66 and I would then take a spousal benefit that would be substantially larger than what I had earned in my own. My husband has passed away unexpectedly at age 65; he had not taken any benefits yet.
Should I apply for survivor benefits now or wait until my husbands full retirement date. Will the benefits be any more if I wait longer to claim survivor benefits even though I have already taken reduced benefits on my own working record?

It's your full retirement age (FRA) that matters, not your husband's. If you take your widow's benefit before your FRA, it will be reduced by 0.396% for each month before your FRA. There is no advantage to waiting past your FRA.