Should I File For A Restricted Benefit When My Wife Retires?

Oct 9 2019 - 12:52pm

I would like some insight as to the best strategy for my wife and I for social security. I'm currently 68. my wife will be 66 on jan. 3 2020. I have not filed for social security yet. should I file a restricted benefit when she retires and how do I do it? thankyou ray

Hi Ray,

It sounds like you could file a restricted application for just spousal benefits only when your wife files for her benefits, but whether or not that's the best overall strategy for the two of you depends on a number of different factors. You and your wife should strongly consider using our software ( to help you determine the best possible strategy for claiming benefits.

When you do decide to file a claim, you can apply online at Social Security's website ( or by calling or visiting a Social Security office. However, you couldn't file for spousal benefits until your wife claims her Social Security retirement benefits.

Best, Jerry