Should I Collect Early to Get Child Benefits For My Kids?

Jun 17 2016 - 6:00pm

My first wife is 63, I am 64. We Were married 20 plus years. She is fighting cancer and took SS Disability at age 62 and discontinued working. She earns $2000.00 per month on her SS disability. SS had estimated her benefit to have been $3000.00 when she turned age 70. I was married a second time and divorced after 10 years. I have 2 children by my second marriage 10 years old and 12 years old who live with me full time. I still work and figure I will to about age 75 when they are out of college. SS estimates my benefits at $1750.00 when I turn age 70. I am confused with the children's potential benefits. I figured that could be put towards a college fund for them. What is the best way to tackle this. I purchased your books and software and am still confused... Help! Thanks Dean

Hi Dean,

When your first wife reaches full retirement age, her disability benefit will change names and become her retirement benefit. She can then suspend it and start it up again at a 32 percent higher level at 70. Give the cancer issue, this may not, however, make sense.

As for you and the kids, the Earnings Test may costs you any benefits for yourself and them were you to try to collect your retirement benefit before full retirement age. But the Earnings Test ends when you reach full retirement, which in your case is on your 66th birthday. At that point you have three options. Take just a spousal benefit on your former wife 's who had the highest earnings work record. Take your own retirement benefit and get benefits for your children. Wait till 70 to take your retirement benefit and get benefits going, albeit for only a couple years for the youngest and maybe for one year for the oldest child.

Please run our program as a divorcee and see what it suggest you do. Enter the ex spouse's information for the ex spouse who earned the most assuming you were married to both for 10 or more years.

best, Larry