Is My Wife Eligible For Any Benefits?

Feb 20 2019 - 7:28am

I plan to stop working at age 68 but I will not draw on my social security until age 70. When I’m 70, my wife will be 57. She did not work much in her life to earn social security. Is she entitled to any benefits? If I die in my 70’s and she is still below 62, can she collect on my social security benefits?


Your wife couldn't qualify for spousal benefits until she's at least age 62, unless she has a child in her care (under age 16 or disabled) who's eligible for benefits on your record. And, if she starts drawing spousal benefits prior to her full retirement age (FRA) they'll be reduced for age.

If you die before your wife, she could potentially qualify for widow's benefits on your record as early as age 60, or as early as age 50 if she's disabled. Again, though, if she starts drawing widow's benefits prior to FRA they'd be reduced for age.

Best, Jerry