Is It True That I Need To File For And Not Suspend My Benefits In Order For My Wife To Get Spousal Benefits?

Jul 7 2019 - 8:54am

I am retired and my birth date is 11/28/1953. My wife is retired, does not have enough work credits to file on her own and her birth date is 7/9/1954. I had always planned on waiting until age 70 for both of us to file for social security, but I have been told her maximum is at age 66 since she does not have enough work credits and will need to file for a spousal benefit. I have also been told that in order for he to collect at age 66 I will also need to file for social security and cannot suspend until age 70. Is this true? Will your tool answer these questions for me?


Yes, it's true that your wife cannot draw spousal benefits until you apply for and start drawing your Social Security retirement or disability benefits. It wouldn't do any good to file for and suspend your benefits because your wife couldn't be paid spousal benefits while your benefits are suspended (

And, yes, our software ( would allow you to calculate your and your wife's potential benefit rates, and explore and compare all of your various filing options in order to determine your best overall strategy for claiming your benefits.

Best, Jerry