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Is It True That I Can Only Apply For My Benefits At My Local Office?

I filed a restricted application for a spousal benefit only back in 2017 when I turned FRA 66. I filed at my local social security office. I have been receiving 50% of my spouses social security amount. I am turning 70 and I have been told on the social security national 800 # that since I filed the spousal at the local office I can only file on my own record at 70 at the local office & cannot file on the national 800 #. Is that true & why is that? Thank You

Hi. You certainly wouldn't need to file your application in person. I'm not sure whether or not you'd be able to file online (, but if not then you can definitely make an appointment to apply by phone with a Social Security claims representative.

I'm not sure if there was some type of misunderstanding when you spoke to the person on the 800 number, but the people answering the 800# don't actually take claims for benefits. They are sometimes able to make an immediate referral to a teleservice claims representative, but more typically they set up future appointment dates for people who want to apply for benefits. Those subsequent appointments are normally handled by a claims representative who works in the field office nearest to the applicant's home address.

Best, Jerry

Apr 17 2021 - 10:31am
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