Is It Too Late To Get Credit For My Earnings In Years That My Employer Didn't Pay Into Social Security?

Dec 19 2018 - 6:49am

The company I worked 28 years did not paid into Social Security for 11 years and now the IRS closed them down how can I get my Social Security straight or is it to late. Help


It's not necessarily too late to get credit for your missing wages if you have proof of your earnings that shows that Social Security taxes were withheld from your wages. The ideal type of proof would be a copies of your W-2 forms, so hopefully you kept those for the years in question. Documents other than W-2 forms could be used for proof of wages (e.g. wage slips), but evidence other than W-2 forms are less likely to show your yearly earnings and the fact that Social Security tax was withheld.

If you have proof of your earnings for any years that aren't posted to your Social Security earnings history, you can submit the evidence to Social Security and ask them to correct your record.

Best, Jerry