I'm 68. Should I Suspend My Retirement Benefit?

Jun 17 2016 - 5:30pm

I'm 68 and took my ss at age 62. is there anything in your program than can help me to get more money? best, Ralph

Hi Ralph,

If you just turned 68, you can suspend your retirement benefit immediately and restart it again at 70 at a 16 percent permanently higher value. But if you turned 68 some months ago, the benefit to suspending will be smaller. Our program will calculated exactly what you gain from suspending on an annual as well as lifetime basis.

If you do suspend, make sure that you go back to Social Security a few months before you reach age 70 and make them show you in writing that you have requested not to receive six months of retroactive benefits, but, instead, want your retirement benefit to restart for the month you turn 70 and not a day sooner. If you don't do this, Social Security has the right to give you 6 months retroactive benefits and, thereby, leave you with a check that's 4 percent smaller for the rest of your life. They will also give you the 6 months of retroactive benefits in a lump sum check. But your whole goal is to accrue Delayed Retirement Credits, not wait till 70 only to lose 6 months of them.

best, Larry