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If A Person Marries And Divorces While Receiving DAC Benefits On One Parent's Account, Could They File For DAC Benefits On Another Parent's Record?

Hi Mr Larry.

I am the only survivor of my deceased parents. I am their daughter. I currently receive SSI Disability. I am not married. If a person married , and divorced while receiving DAC and Social Security Benefits on one parent's record , can the unmarried person file for the same thing on the other deceased parent's record as long as the Disabled Adult Child is unmarried ?

Thank you , Mr Larry

Hi. Yes. Getting married while receiving disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits terminates the DAC beneficiary's entitlement unless they marry someone who is receiving certain types of Social Security benefits. If the person's DAC benefits are terminated due to a marriage, they can't become re-entitled to benefits on the same parent's account even if they get divorced or if their spouse dies (

However, a unmarried disabled adult child who has previously been married and divorced could potentially become entitled to DAC benefits on the record of a parent on whose record they have never previously been entitled, provided that they meet all of the requirements for benefits on that parent's record (

Best, Jerry

Jun 17 2022 - 9:27pm
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