If My Wife Draws Benefits At Age 62, Would Her Future Survivor Benefits Also Be Reduced?

Jan 20 2019 - 12:07pm

If my wife draws benefits at 62, are her future survivor benefits reduced by this or is it dependant on when she files for the survivor benefits?



No, your wife's survivor benefits wouldn't necessarily be reduced if she files for reduced retirement or spousal benefits at age 62. Any reduction for age applicable to a person's survivor benefit rate is calculated based on the survivor's age at the time they start drawing the survivor benefit, regardless of if or when they previously applied for other types of benefits. So, if a person doesn't start drawing a survivor benefit until full retirement age or later, their survivor rate would not be reduced for age.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it would be a good strategy for your wife to start drawing benefits at age 62. Her optimal strategy depends on a number of different variables. Before filing, your wife should strongly consider using our software to compare her options so that she can be sure to choose the best possible strategy for claiming her benefits.

Best, Jerry