If My Husband Dies Will I Receive Full Widow's Disability?

Apr 29 2018 - 3:03pm

I am 67 and receiving SSDI $2500 from my 30 year work record. I also receive $1700 federal retirement no windfall also from my work record. I am soon to marry. He is 75 and receives $1600 SSDI and military retirement $1100 all based on his 28 year work record. No reductions, no windfall. Question: If my husband dies will I receive full widows disability? If so, how much will I receive? I am the higher wage earner. We both started receiving benefits after full retirement age.


I don't know if you'd qualify for any benefits from the military, but you wouldn't be eligible for Social Security widow's benefits. The surviving member of a couple can basically only receive the higher of a) their own benefit rate or b) their deceased spouse's benefit rate.

Also, not that it changes my answer but SSDI (Social Security disability) benefits convert to regular retirement benefits at full retirement age. Since both you and your future husband are above full retirement age you should both now be receiving regular retirement benefits, not SSDI.

Best, Jerry