If I Take Spousal Benefits At Age 63 Would My Rate Increase To My Husband's Full Rate If He Dies When I'm 66 Or Older?

Feb 20 2019 - 11:40am

My Husband plans to take his delayed SS benefit soon at age 68. If I take the spousal benefit at age 63 would my future Widow benefit increase to his benefit amount if I were 66 or more at the time of his passing? Or would it be reduced because I took the spousal benefit at 63? I do not qualify for any benefit on my own record.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Joy,

Yes, regardless of at what age you start drawing spousal benefits your benefit rate would increase to your husband's full rate if he dies after you've reached your full retirement age (FRA). You and your husband should consider using our software to compare all of your options in order to make sure you choose the best possible strategy for claiming your benefits.

Best, Jerry