If I Get A New Social Security Number, Can The Welfare Office Still Find Me?

Feb 18 2017 - 6:45am

If I get a brand new SSN, can welfare still find me under my new number even though is not provided to them?

Can you please answer me quickly, as I'm going to start a new job on Tuesday and I don't want them to run my SSN.

I'm been harrassed but I'm still unable to find proof and I m working with a private detective


Social Security can issue a new Social Security number (SSN) to individuals in some cases (https://faq.ssa.gov/link/portal/34011/34019/Article/3789/Can-I-change-my...), but I'm not sure what information may be made available to the welfare office. Social Security can disclose information about you to the welfare office if you have applied for public assistance, but I don't know if that includes address information. You may want to check with Social Security.

Best, Jerry