If I Follow Through With SGA, Will I Receive An EPE After My Loss Of SSDI Benefits?

Feb 7 2019 - 9:49am

Thank you so very much Larry. If I follow thru with SGA, as I have an offer, will I receive an EPE after my loss of SSDI benefits??
Thank you in advance! Debbie

Hi Debbie,

No, not if your trial work period (TWP) ended more than 3 years ago and you subsequently performed substantial gainful activity (SGA). The extended period of eligibility (EPE) ends with the later of a) 3 years after the end of the TWP, or b) the first month of above SGA level earnings that occurs more than 36 months after the end of the TWP.

Therefore, if your period of disability was previously determined to have ceased due to SGA and your EPE started more than 3 years ago, your period of disability eligibility would terminate as soon as you resume performing SGA. If your SGA subsequently ends, you would need to reapply and be approved for benefits in order to qualify for a new period of Social Security disability (SSDI) entitlement.

Best, Jerry