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If I Accept Spousal Benefits Will It Disqualify Me From Getting My Own Full Benefit At Age 70?

Hi Larry, my spouse just started receiving his SSI last month--about $1300. I received the form letter from SSA regarding his ap and since my birthday is July of 1953 I am eligible to receive the spousal benefit. I have a phone call with SSA on July 14th. I have read your book but I am still very confused. IF I go ahead and accept a spousal benefit of about $600, does this disqualify me from getting my full retirement benefit of about $3000 at age 70? I plan on waiting until that age to retire. I certainly don't want to lose that amount of money per month if I take the spousal benefit now.

Hi. No. Fortunately for you you were born prior to January 2 1954, which enables you to be able to claim spousal benefits at full retirement age (FRA) or later without being required to apply for your own benefits at the same time. Filing just for spousal benefits starting with the month of your husband's entitlement won't have any adverse effect on your own benefit rate at age 70.

Best, Jerry

Jun 25 2021 - 10:58am
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