How Would Filing For Child In Care Spousal Benefits Affect My Wife's Future Benefits On Her Own Record?

Jul 24 2018 - 10:12am

I will be 66 next month and my wife is 59. Based on our earnings we will both receive ~$2400 at FRA. We have a disabled adult child with Down syndrome living at home. I understand that once I file for benefits my wife is eligible for a spousal benefit when caring for my DAC at any age (as is my child). I don't understand how that impacts her future benefit based on her own work record since she will start to receive spousal benefits before 62 let alone her FRA of 66 10 months. I plan to take my benefit on my 66 birthday (FRA). Your help in clarifying this would be greatly appreciated.


If your wife qualifies for child in care spousal benefits it won't have any effect on her future Social Security retirement benefits or options. She could potentially switch to drawing her own benefits at any point starting at age 62 or later, and the fact that she previously received child in care spousal benefits would have no bearing on her retirement benefit rate.

It sounds like your family has a number of potential options available for claiming your Social Security benefits, and numerous variables are involved in determining which of those options is best in your case. You should strongly consider using our maximization software to determine the filing strategy that would likely be best for you and your family.

Best, Jerry