How Will Having My Fiancee Get A Different Address Benefit Me?

Aug 29 2017 - 12:03pm

Hi Larry,
I am a 40 yr old woman on SSDI. I have 2 kids on my SSDI. The 2nd child is a 3 yo girl with my fiancée who I have told to get a different address as he has a good job and I do not want to declare his income and want to maximize my benefits.My atty told me to do this as I am fighting the ist father in family court and don't want to declare my fiancees income. How will this benefit me?


Your fiancée's income or lack thereof has no bearing on how much you and your children are eligible to receive in Social Security disability benefits (SSDI). I have no idea what effect it may have on you family court case, though, so you may want to ask your attorney for an explanation.

Best, Jerry