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How Will Government Pension Offset Apply In My Case?

Dear Larry,
I have searched for an answer to my question about government pension offsets, but can only find the reverse of my situation. I am 55; my husband is 62. He had to retire early for medical reasons from a position covered by the teachers' retirement system and now receives his pension. I have worked in the private sector, so will receive ss when I retire. I know that because of the GPO he would not receive social security spousal benefits because my social security payment at retirement would be less than his pension. After his death I am to receive the same amount from his pension. Will my ss benefit be reduced as the beneficiary of his pension? And would divorce affect this situation (we have been married longer than 10 years)?


Good news! Any survivor pension that you receive from the teacher's retirement system based on your husband's work will not affect your Social Security benefit.

A divorce wouldn't change anything, at least as far as Social Security benefits are concerned.

Best, Jerry

Jun 21 2016 - 1:15pm
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