How Should We Appeal The Decision To Stop My Wife's Disability Benefits?

Feb 1 2017 - 7:30am

Hello Larry my wife has been on Social Security SSI for three years now do too papillary and carcinoma stage 3 cancer on top of depression and pre-diabetic. My question is 3 years is up she went under review there was more than enough evidence to show that she still qualifies for social security benefits she is on numerous amount of Medicine and due to the fact of so much medicine it is been very hard for me to work because I have time schedules for her to take her medications. They denied her disability and said starting March is her last check. Now I have to appeal it what should I do we have a psychiatrist that she's been going to for many years and numerous doctors I just don't know where I went wrong my wife suffers from bipolar she is on depressant medication also another type of depressant medication she has to take calcium her body doesn't produce calcium or vitamin D she has to take benzodiazepine 4 times daily she her cancer was a stage 3 papillary in carcinoma and they removed her whole thyroid and she is still adjusting to the same type of Synthroid because her body doesn't produce calcium she has had several calcium shocks she has put on 70 pounds in a 13 months pan also she has done three different types of radiation and I just don't know what to do from here thank you very very much


I'm sorry to hear about your wife's health problems, and about the proposed termination of her benefits.

It certainly sounds like you have a strong case for appeal. For more information on the appeals process, refer to this Social Security pamphlet:

You may want to consider hiring an attorney or non-attorney to help you with the appeal. If you can't afford an attorney, you may qualify for free legal assistance from a legal aid society in your area. For more information, refer to this pamphlet:

Best, Jerry