How Should I File At Age 65 And Provide For Spousal Benefits?

Jan 21 2017 - 6:45am

I intended to file and suspend at 66 but circumstances have changed with the new regulations. I am going tp take my SS at 65 in May 2017. My wife will terminate her employment in August 2017. In lieu of the change in file and suspend option, how should I file at 65 and incorporate my spouse's availability at 65 to claim benefits?

You are the best and I appreciate you support and input.

Thank you.


Hi Gary,

To answer your question, you would simply file your application and list your marriage information in the application path. You can file online at, or by telephone or in person at a Social Security office. Your wife will need to file a separate application when she wants to claim benefits, but if she files prior to age 66, she'll be deemed to be filing both reduced spousal benefits and reduced retirement benefits on her own record when she applies.

Both you and your wife were grandfathered under the new deeming rules passed by Congress in 2015 (, so a better strategy would likely be for one of you to wait and file just for spousal benefits at age 66 while letting your own rate grow until age 70. You should consider running the maximization software available on this website in order to be sure that you make the best filing choices.

Best, Jerry