How Is My Widow's Benefit Calculated?

Jun 30 2016 - 6:15pm

Hi, I was talking to a social security rep. about death benefit for my husband and I asked him how much I would get for my husband's Social Security benefit. He told me a little over 1200.00. My husband worked since he was 15 yrs old. He was in the Air Force also. He told me I was eligible for 85.5% that didn't sound right. So I need to know if that is right. Thanks, Ashleigh

Ashleigh, if your husband filed for his retirement benefit before his full retirement age (FRA), which would be 66 if he was born before 1955, then your widow's benefit would be limited to 82.5% of what his retirement benefit would have been if he waited until his FRA to file, not 82.5% of his benefit amount that would have been reduced due to filing early. Thanks, John