How Much Will My Wife Receive As My Spouse?

Mar 2 2017 - 7:00am

If I am receiving $2000 from SS currently, and my wife begins to receive spousal benefits at age 62 (she is not eligible for her own benefits), how much will she receive? If she starts receiving this at age 62, and then I die, how much will she receive for Survivor benefits?


If your wife starts drawing reduced spousal benefits at age 62, she'll get between 65% to 70% of one-half of your full retirement age benefit rate (PIA). So, if your PIA is $2000, she'd get between $650 & $700 per month, depending on her year of birth.

If you die before your wife, she'd be eligible for your full benefit rate if she is at least full retirement age. If she starts drawing widow's benefits prior to full retirement age, her benefit amount could be reduced for age.

Best, Jerry