How Much Will My Wife Receive On My Record?

Feb 2 2017 - 3:15pm

i am 68 and on ssa retirement i was on disability my wife who does not have enough credits on her own account has been disabled longer than me when i first became disabled i had employer disability which they said disqualified her from spousal benefit she is now 62 if she takes her spousal benefit now at a reduced rate and i die when she is 64 would her survivor benefit be at a reduced 62 or 64 rate also could she collect as a disabled spouse on my record and have her reduced survivor benefit at fra no longer be reduced thank for your time


If your wife starts drawing reduced spousal benefits at age 62 and you die when she's 64, her survivor rate will be calculated based on her age 64 rate. If you die when she's full retirement age (FRA) or older, her survivor rate will be unreduced.

There is no option for drawing an unreduced spousal benefit before FRA because of a disability.

Best, Jerry