How Much Will My Foreign Pension Reduce My Social Security Benefits?

Jan 18 2017 - 7:45am

I receive social security benefits for almost 15 years. The initial amount of my benefits was about 350 $ (now 470 $). I also receive my foreign pension nearly 750 € since 2005. I never reported this fact to social security. Now I learned that this pension affects my social security benefits. Do you know how much approximately my benefits will be reduced if I report my pension and what happens with the overpayment ? Am I forced to pay back for all these years or there is a more restricted time period for this ? Thank you.


I can't tell you for sure, but it's possible that your Social Security benefits could be reduced by as much as around 50%. The statute of limitations wouldn't apply, so Social Security will likely ask you to repay any overpayment dating back to when you first started receiving both pensions. For more information on the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), refer to the following pamphlet:

Best, Jerry