How Much Of My Ex-Spouse's Benefit Rate Could I Receive?

Mar 5 2018 - 3:04pm

I see I can collect off my ex-spouses amount. I am not clear if it can collect ALL his amt or only HALF. I am 66, he is 67. There is a section on SSA benefits site under "Divorced Spouses" saying if you were married 10 years, and divorced for 2, were born before 1954 and are both entitled to benefits than I can receive my ex-spouses amount. Again, full amt or half? Half of my ex-spouses is not more than mine. But his full amount is more than mine. I am still working, waiting to reach the "divorced for 2 years" to arrive.


The most that a divorced spouse can receive on a living ex's record is 50% of their ex's full retirement age rate (PIA). If the ex is deceased, a surviving divorced spouse can receive up to 100% of their ex's full benefit rate. But, if the divorced spouse has already filed for their own benefits then they could only be paid the higher of their own benefit rate or the rate payable from their ex's record.

Best, Jerry