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How Much Can My Disabled Son Collect?

i will have the most SS based on my earnings. My wife is 6 years younger and has been a housewife for many years. We have a disabled son. If I delay SS until I am 68, how much can my disabled son collect? How much can my wife collect when she turns 66? Thanks


Whenever you start drawing your benefits, it sounds like your son could potentially receive a disabled adult child's benefit of up to 50% of your full retirement age rate (PIA). And, if your son has a mental impairment or severe physical disability, your wife may qualify for the same rate as a spouse with a child in care even before her full retirement age. Even if she isn't eligible sooner on the basis of having an eligible child in care, though, at full retirement age your wife could qualify for the higher of her own full retirement age rate or 50% of your PIA.

However, if both your wife and son claim benefits on your record, the actual rates they receive would likely be limited to a lower amount due to the family maximum benefit ( But, if your wife is also eligible for benefits on her own record it may be possible to combine the family maximum on her record with your family maximum in order to permit higher overall benefits to be paid.

Our maximization software can handle all of the calculations referred to above so that you can compare your filing options and determine your best overall strategy for claiming benefits.

Best, Jerry

Dec 6 2017 - 7:09am
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