How Much Can I Earn Without Losing My Disability Benefits?

Jan 20 2017 - 8:00am

hello I need some advice

I have been getting social security benefits since I was 11 months old off my now deceased adopted father for my life long disability which gives me social security medical and financial benefits

but my question is was told I could return to work part time and if I keep it under a certain amount per month it will not effect my benefits

but I was also told if I go over a limit then social security will begin to deduct from my social security benefits and eventually cut it off completely if I make to much money

but what I need to know is how much can I make per month with out effecting my benefits

I get 874 dollars per month


You can generally earn up to an average of $1170 per month without losing Social Security disability or disabled adult child's benefits. For more information, refer to the following pamphlet:

Best, Jerry